Integration Steps:


Here's how you can connect Orderjini to QuickBooks

1. Click on Settings under the Side Menu.


2. Next, click on Data Integration Tab, choose QuickBooks.


3. To connect with QuickBooks, click on the Connect button. This will redirect you to the QuickBooks page for login. Please ensure that popups are allowed in your browser settings. 


4. To authorise Orderjini, simply login to your QuickBooks account, entering email address and password. Click on Connect as shown in the screen below: 


5. As soon as QuickBooks is connected, you will be able to synchronize data between Orderjini and QuickBooks. 


6. Once the link has been established with QuickBooks, you can import your customers (dealers), taxes and inventory item records. 


7. At anytime, you can perform the above steps to update Orderjini with your Customers (Dealers), Taxes and Price List Items that are added in QuickBooks.

However, we do recommend creating and maintaining all your Customers (Dealers), Taxes and Price List Items in Orderjini, as updated QuickBooks data is required to send invoices through.