Connect Shopify for last mile delivery with ease

Seamlessly let your riders get deliveries on app and complete your last mile delivery using our powerful Route Planning features.

Shopify & Orderjini 

Best last mile delivery companion

Seamlessly integrate your orders received from your customers on Shopify into Orderjini for enabling Order Management and Last Mile delivery through an App


Plan your deliveries using our Order Route Plan feature

Create a Route Plan, assign orders to your delivery riders, collect Payments and reconcile with Shopify.

Sync Payments.png

Sync all delivery status, payments & orders to Shopify automatically

Remove manual data entry and eliminate human error. Focus only on Last Mile Delivery of your orders.

Track Deliveries.png

Easily manage your customers, track cashflow in real time

When Orderjini connects with Shopify all orders, payments and deliveries get taken care of, while you sit back and focus on the real stuff.

How does Shopify Online fit into your workflow?